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Life Guidance Readings

All Life Guidance Readings are done through Source using the medium of Guidance Cards. Each reading comes from a very pure and divine place.

We are the creators and masters of our own destiny, Life Guidancet Readings offer wonderful clarity, please know the choices in life that you make are always up to you and only you.

Each reading includes unique healing work around one obstacle that reveals itself in each reading.

Please allow up to 24 hours during the week and up to 48 hours at the weekend for us to respond to your booking request.

If you have an urgent booking, please e-mail me directly via finn@finngoddard.com as slots fill up very quickly.

A Life Guidance Reading is for you if:


You are ready to step courageously into life, let go of doubt, and begin to create the highest level of wholeness of you AND

You are ready to get a crystal clear picture of what is happening in your life right now
You are eager to embrace the potential for positive, joyful change
You are excited to access Divine guidance and knowledge

Do you need clarity?

A Life Guidance Reading allows you to see a path through any issue, and provides a unique opportunity to heal and transform this information to better serve you, with each Reading you receive a unique healing to clear your path to leap forward with joy and ease.

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And when I’m not connecting you to your spiritual bliss I’m…

Walking in nature, spending time with family and friends. I love to cook and make a mean fish pie! I adore a little wanderlust and can be found in the travel section of most bookshops, wild camping, festivaling and simply Being.

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Thank you for being here on this wonderful journey with me.

Love & Light

Finn xxx


"I had a session with Finn which really brought my self worth up to where it should be. I left feeling so free and light and felt like I’d found the much needed love for myself that had gone astray over the years. For the first time in a long time I was able to make guilt free plans based around my own desires and needs and also understood why I had branded myself second best or unimportant for so long. There is no end to the issues Finn can help with and I have recommended her to many people with great faith."


"After a session with Finn I feel great.  I have come more solidly into my true self, have shed old patterns and healed old wounds. I have a "vision" of strength - of who I am in my true nature and in health.  I know where to go if I get off track!  It was clear that Finn was very tuned in to me and my issues. Her clarity, her healing powers, her profound abilities and genuine love are a gift to all of us."

Clyde Lovett

“Finn’s approach is extremely intuitive and she has an amazing ability to create a relaxed and open environment.
During the session Finn was able to identify deep beliefs and emotions that were no longer serving me. To release these beliefs was an uplifting experience and I felt able to embrace the future with a sense of peace and positivity.
I cannot recommend Finn enough. She is a beautiful spirit that has an amazing talent that can truly help you on your journey to get the life you deserve.”

You are here not by chance (I believe) but because divine timing has brought us together.

My soul's purpose is to help you heal, transform and gain clarity on your life.

I believe in you and want you connect to your true self... Let's get to know one another.

I'd like to share my story with you. Click here to learn more about my healing journey....

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