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Transformational & Core Expansion© Healings

Core Expansion, I had been sitting on the fence for a number of years with the incredible healing modality! I kept running away from it, and created all sorts of shenanigans to stop myself from bringing this to life! A few weeks ago I heard come on Finn, it’s time to share….

What is Core Expansion?

Core Expansion is a revolutionary and powerful new healing modality, direct from Source, which transforms eons of limiting energies, negative patterns, oaths, vows, obligations, curses, and bonds to sabotage, addiction, trauma, disempowerment, loss, poverty, dis-ease and disharmony gently fast and effectively. 

How Core Expansion Can Help You – 

Core Expansion declutters your energetic space of out-dated patterns and limitations, which have been standing in your way of expansion using the powerful tool of Core Energies.

The Core Energies work from the point of the limiting energies creation, expanding and transforming the energies gently, fast and effectively across levels of your existence, so that you can once again Rise and Shine. There are currently over 80 Core Energies, each is specific to Enhancing and Expanding various aspects of your life such as Your Personal….

  • Gifts
  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Business and Career

Core Expansion expands your core understanding, truth and perspective of who you are, raising your frequency, so that you can….

  • Awaken Your Innate Gifts with Confidence and Freedom
  • Reclaim Your Wellness Without Sabotage
  • Enhance Your Relationships with Yourself and Others
  • Disconnect from Lack Consciousness and Align with Abundance
  • Live a more Balanced, Harmonious and Joyous Life

I have been called to share this powerful healing modality with the world to bring greater peace, balance and harmony into all aspects of our lives. This is especially important, as we and our world expands and transforms in a daring phase of rebirth.  We all deserve to live happier, peaceful and more fulfilling lives.

In your session, we will be working with the Core Energies of Your Existence from the point of your Creation to de-clutter the energies that are no longer supporting you, and stopping you from leaping forward with energy, vitality and focus.

The impact of the Core Energies in my own and client’s lives has been immense, restoring wholeness, confidence, freedom and aligning you with personal divine power and soul purpose. The feed-back so far from clients has been of profound inner peace, soul alignment, happiness and enhancing relationships with self and others magnificently. So far, I have supported people who have had their hearts broken by grief to rise up and shine wholly. I have worked with artists and authors who were stuck in the cycle of sabotaging their creations, one had their book published within 2 months of a session with me. Awesome fellow healer clients of mine no longer require my services as before, as they are all flying with their businesses. This is how powerful, quick and exciting this work is.

Personally, my manifesting abilities have become super powered and for the first time in my life I feel truly free, aligned and whole again. I am so excited to share this incredible energy with you all. After years of resisting and running away from this powerful energy I am thrilled to bring this beautiful energy to life once again!

Life Transformational Healing using the power tool of Core Expansion brings you back in to the joyful being your soul longs to be. It literally turns on a light. New neural pathways are created and, with practice, new ways of thinking/feeling/being become established, and our lives change in powerful ways. This is an awakening of infinite possibilities together with the discernment of which actions to take to transform wholly and fully.

This work releases you from ancient conditioning, past life contracts and more, by breaking our energetic affinities to, and tendency to resonate with, old stories and traumas. When you are in pain, you live in a state of being small, defined only by your past. Here, dis-ease can manifest and grow, BUT I know you are so much greater than that! Free of sabotage, disillusionment, and suffering you can confidently step fully into your life, consciously, and fulfill your goals and desires in this lifetime.

I am so excited to connect with you at this time.

Please allow up to 24 hours during the week and up to 48 hours at the weekend for us to respond to your booking request.

If you have an urgent booking, please e-mail me directly via finn@finngoddard.com as slots fill up very quickly.

Transformational Healing is for you if:

You aspire to achieve optimum health and well being in body, mind and spirit.
You are looking to find your purpose.
You want to create and connect to the people in your life with authenticity and love.
You are longing for a joyful and fulfilled life.

Release Everything
that Stands in the Way of
a Joy-filled, Fulfilled,
Authentic Life

I’m here to guide you through the process of uncovering negative beliefs, genetic patterns and limiting habits, which are undermining your well-being.

Through personal sessions, we will work together on transforming areas of your life that are problematic or are blocking you from realising your highest potential — whether they manifest as physical, mental, emotional, or energetic.

The path to peace, joy, freedom, and wholeness is supported fully by me and Source energy.  It is my great wish to create a safe, loving, spirit-filled space in which you can discover and embrace your own deep heart’s core, become whole, and find the essential you.

We are the authors, the co-creators of our own life experience! By healing and releasing limiting beliefs and patterns we can embrace our highest potential and create positive change.

My sessions work with your unique energy and issues, tailoring each to your individual needs. 

Sessions are in person only in Edinburgh, Scotland, and via Skype, Zoom or Face Time.

My clients and I seek Transformational Healing for such things as:

Coping with chronic illness and medical treatment

Emotional wellness 

Transforming gently through times of significant change

Enhancing relationships with self and loved ones (I specialise in working with Mum’s to be and beautiful family units),

Overcoming emotional stress and trauma such as PTSD

Realising personal and financial goals

Space Clearing to enhance your home and business environment

Activating your super powers

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"I had a session with Finn which really brought my self worth up to where it should be. I left feeling so free and light and felt like I’d found the much needed love for myself that had gone astray over the years. For the first time in a long time I was able to make guilt free plans based around my own desires and needs and also understood why I had branded myself second best or unimportant for so long. There is no end to the issues Finn can help with and I have recommended her to many people with great faith."


"After a session with Finn I feel great.  I have come more solidly into my true self, have shed old patterns and healed old wounds. I have a "vision" of strength - of who I am in my true nature and in health.  I know where to go if I get off track!  It was clear that Finn was very tuned in to me and my issues. Her clarity, her healing powers, her profound abilities and genuine love are a gift to all of us."

Clyde Lovett

“Finn’s approach is extremely intuitive and she has an amazing ability to create a relaxed and open environment.
During the session Finn was able to identify deep beliefs and emotions that were no longer serving me. To release these beliefs was an uplifting experience and I felt able to embrace the future with a sense of peace and positivity.
I cannot recommend Finn enough. She is a beautiful spirit that has an amazing talent that can truly help you on your journey to get the life you deserve.”

You are here not by chance (I believe) but because divine timing has brought us together.

My soul's purpose is to help you heal, transform and gain clarity on your life.

I believe in you and want you connect to your true self... Let's get to know one another.

I'd like to share my story with you. Click here to learn more about my healing journey....

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