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Wounded Healer Liberation Master Class



Transform ancient wounds of self- sabotage, addictions and limitations with so YOU CAN:

  • Relinquish the Weight of the World
  • Return to Your Wholeness
  • Master Your Fullest Power and Potential
  • Enhance Your Health and Well Being
  • Reclaim who You Truly Are

Within the depths of your Core, You Already Know How To Do This!

How often have you tried to break free from the deep and heart felt wounds you have carried with you through life times and now?

Within you, you know there is a deep yearning to access the Whole Truth of You, it can feel quite scary to dive inside our true selves and uncover all those wounds. We are currently moving through one of the most powerful and intense times of existence, with seasonal eclipses and planetary movements that are not so gentle in unfurling these wounds. In my experience, these hidden and unhealed wounds are standing in your way of Radiant Health, Happiness, Love, Light, Prosperity and Freedom.

If you are reading this you will know, that each of us was born into this world as healer. In my experience, many, if not all of us have carried hidden and open wounds, which have essentially stopped us from Rising and Shining and Reclaiming our Freedom to Live the Life that is our Birth Right.

It is time to make peace with your wounds and let them transform, so you can restore to your wholeness. Do you know, you have the knowledge and power to make this happen!

Are You Ready to Liberate the Wounded Healer and the Core Wounds within you, which have held you back from rising and shining in all areas of your life?

My purpose is to reach out to you so, I can help you to heal on a deep level, so you can live from a place of Love, Wholeness, Self – Acceptance, Non-Judgement and Reclaim Your Power and flow through the currently transformation in alignment with Your Own Life Purpose and Truth.

Aligning with my own healing modality Core Expansion, which is powerful and transformational has supported me in liberating from the energies of my own wounds. My healing path has transformed my approach and way of life incredibly.

I am sharing with you all, how I liberated myself from the Wounded Healer within me.

This is WHY I don’t want you to miss out on this Special opportunity to listen to this powerful REPLAY!

What is Core Expansion?

Core Expansion is a super powered Divine Energy, which I channel through Creator. Core Expansion works through the Core of Your Being – Your Divine Heart – using a variety of Core Energies, which are essentially codes that move through limitations, fears, sabotage, so there is no longer any space for those energies to thrive and replaces the old energies with high vibrational codes which expand and enhance your Cellular and Core Knowing. As the Core Energies run 1,000’s of out-dated energies, knowing’s, patterns and addictions, which have been standing in your way of expansion transform instantly and at the speed of light. When I witness Core Expansion, I see the Core Energies expanding in the forms of light, energy and coding’s which seem to swirl and swim through your being expanding the light within you and opening your divine portals so that you can thrive and flourish in all elements and aspects of your life. When working with the Core Energies, we are working with the core of creation together with the crystalline energies and all the elementals of our planet and beyond.

Core Expansion works across all time lines and on all levels from the point of your creation to infinity and beyond…. Core Expansion is very powerful, yet very gentle, raising your vibration magnificently and aligning you with the Divine Core and Truth of You. Core Expansion has supported myself, and my clients during the concurrent planetary transformations and the rise of consciousness on our planet and more…

The impact of the Core Energies in my own and client’s lives has been immense, restoring wholeness, confidence, and freedom and aligning you with personal divine power and soul purpose. The feedback, so far from clients has been of profound inner peace, soul alignment, happiness and enhancing relationships with self and others magnificently. I have supported people who have had their hearts broken by grief to rise up and shine wholly. I have been working with artists and authors who’ve been sabotaging their creations, one had their book published within 2 months of a session with me, awesome healer clients of mine no longer require my services as before, as they are all flying with their businesses. This is how powerful, quick and exciting this work is.

In this replay you will experience the 6 Essential Core Energies, (which are beneficial to do before moving on to experience the more expansive, and advanced Core Energies) and 5 Advanced Core Energies.

These are listed below:

1. Core Discernment –
I love Core Discernment, this is the very first Core Energy that came to me when I was gifted this incredible healing modality to share with the world. Discernment is such an important and core energy to be in alignment with. It equals acumen, common sense, wisdom, wit, perception, understanding, awareness and powers of reasoning amongst other wonderful virtues and qualities. I was guided to share with you all, if we are not aligned with the truth, understanding and knowing of discernment then we cannot differentiate between negative and positive energies, which we can often unknowingly invite into ourselves, and our lives. The lack of discernment can create distortions and confusions in our daily lives and sabotage our present and future too. This incredible Core Energy aligns you with your Divine Discernment, which gives you greater clarity, focus and empowers you to make the right choices in your life for you.

2. Core Love –
Love is the essence of each of us, we are created from love and we are each creators and manifestors of love. When we connect, express and communicate from the essence of love, so much in our lives reflects and is enhanced by that very love. The Core Energy of Love and the coding’s within this energy are so key to our evolution and healing, it is the essential energy, which heals all the brokenness of ourselves, for example if your heart has been broken, or you are not attracting your divine soul mate, or not loving yourself enough, or indeed if you are not in alignment with your divine purpose in life, the Core Energy of Love will begin to work, healing you and repairing those aspects that may have been broken, or damaged within you with the healing energy of golden light. In Japan there is a beautiful technique called Kintsugi where the cracks in pottery are filled and restored with gold, which is a very beautiful and powerful technique. This Core Energy is one of the most valuable gifts you can experience and share with others. It heals all oaths, vows, contracts and more, that are stopping you from leaping into the energy of love and sustaining love in your life. This is also wonderful for enhancing your own love relationships and you may find that friendships that are no longer in alignment with your vibration of love will move out of your way of fulfilment.

3. Core Compassion –
This beautiful Core Energy is in fact Wild Compassion, which an impressive energy that clears age-old resentment, fear of rejection, rage and jealously. This is gorgeous energy fills you with wild compassion for yourself and others, and has had profound transformations for those who have been prone to road rage and judgment of themselves and others too. This Core Energy is essential for anyone beginning their healing journey.

4. Core Peace –
The Core Energy of Peace is so fulfilling and works through all the aspects of us, our emotional and physical body planting seeds of peace into those aspects, which were not aligned with the energy of peace into greater wholeness. This Core Energy is excellent for bringing peace into all forms of communication and expression. For example if you have to deal with a challenging situation the energy of peace will run through all aspects of the situation, all oaths, vows and more that have been between you bringing in the light of peace to empower you to stand in your power and be assertive without being caught up in the energy of the situation.

5. Core Forgiveness –
There has been scientific research to convey the power of forgiveness, (John Hopkins Medicine) which highlights the incredible benefits of forgiveness on our health and in our daily lives. When we forgive our lives transform for the better, this beautiful Core Energy aligns us with the coding and truth of forgiveness so we have a great understanding of what forgiveness is and how to nourish forgiveness in all aspects of our lives. If we each forgave each other there would be no war, conflict and disharmony would have no place in our lives.

6. Core Elements of Being –
I love the Core Elements of Being, this Core Energy actually came to me in 2014 I felt so unaligned and a bit out of kilter. I heard run the Elements of Being. The Elements of Being realign us with the Core Elements of Beingness: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and our own Beingness. If we are not fully in alignment with these energies, we can often feel ungrounded and not connected to the earth, our family, communities and much more. When you receive this Core Energy you will feel more whole and deeply connected to the elements of being and yourselves, which are essential to our existence. I only realized recently that this Core Energy also aligns us with the energies of music, writing, success, abundance and much more – there are no limits to this magnificent Core Energy.

7. Goddess Hygiea, Core Energy –

Goddess Hygiea is the ancient Goddess of Healing and Protection from Harm. I connected with Goddess Hygiea when I fell unwell, she gifted me this Core Energy to share with you all. This powerful core energy supported me in identifying what was causing the illness and realigned me my own inner knowing of what steps and actions to take in order to heal and restore my divine health.

8. Aroha, Core Energy –

When I visited the beautiful Akaroa along the coast of South Island, New Zealand I connected with this gorgeous and rare crystal. Aroha. Recently I channelled the Aroha core energy, it is an immense energy, healing your heart space, which may have been emptied by loss and trauma, and re filled with energetic and physical addictions such as alcohol, sabotage, sex, drugs, loss and much more. The Aroha core energy is powerful and incredibly transformative. It has helped me and many clients heal their heart space and gain clarity on the importance of living life and thriving in the wholeness of happiness. Personally, Aroha Core Energy helped me to heal my addiction to loss.

9. Being Present and Here, Core Energy –

Being Present and Here, is a beautiful core energy bringing you back into your wholeness by restoring those aspects of you; physically, emotionally and spiritually, which may have separated from you through vows, obligations, guilt and fear. This energy supports you in aligning with the whole of you and empowers you to embrace all of you in the here and now so that you can truly flourish and thrive on this planet Earth at this time without being pulled energetically and physically to energies that are not in alignment with you. Being Present and Here is so key to our evolution at this time, by being present and here you will truly be in your power to create and align with the life that is your birth right.

10. Golden Compass, Core Energy –

The Golden Compass is the next level to Being Present, if we are not present we can not connect with our Golden Compass. I love this core energy it helps us to navigate through intense times, as well as gentle times too. We each have our own inner compass but over time, and due to influences in our lives, communities and society our compass can become energetically out of alignment with our true purpose and beingness. The Golden Compass aligns us with our soul purpose, enhances our intuition and is a wonderful energy to run when it comes to making choices, especially when moving forward, creating new projects and mediating with loved ones. I use the Golden Compass when I am undergoing new projects and I have found it is especially helpful for guiding me to successfully enhance my finances, health and relationships.

11. Wounded Healer Liberation, Core Energy –

I recently channelled the Wounded Healer Core Energy after a bout of illness and feeling not so great. I realised with the current Season of Eclipses ancient wounds, oaths, vows, curses, limiting and sabotaging energies and wounds were coming up for me in an untamed way. I heard run Wounded Healer, you were born a healer but you have inherited and carried wounds through life times and your DNA. I began to run the Wounded Healer Liberation and instantly my health began to improve. People I hadn’t connected with for many years came back into my life and I found an incredible inner peace and freedom as the wounds transformed magnificently and beautifully. This wonderful core energy realigns you with your power and assertiveness to stand up for who you, truly are and frees you of eons of ancient wounds, oaths, vows, curses, limitations and sabotaging energies in the most beautiful and transformative of ways.

Much love and light,