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Step Up And Show Up Master Class



Embrace your True Self with Confidence and Freedom. Experience This Very Special Grand Master Healing Class –
This is Your Time to “Step Up and Show Up”

For years I hid away from my own gifts! I was the master of disguising my True Identity through the art of sabotage.

I worked deeply on myself for years, on so many levels. It was an epic and magical time of discovering ME.

There are times when we get so entangled in the struggle, we forget that we already know how to liberate ourselves from old patterns, which are not supporting us to fully Rise and Shine.

I knew in my heart, if I didn’t respond to my calling and embrace my purpose, my life would continue in a cycle of sabotage and self-imposed barriers.

I learnt a great lesson – If I could be a Brilliant Master of Sabotage, then I could transform that mastery into the Art of Stepping Up and Showing Up in my business, my life and truly live my passion.

What’s even better is you don’t have to go through years of sabotage and creating situations to learn all these Amazing Lessons like I did.

You are reading this because You Are Ready to STEP UP and SHOW UP. Now is Your Time To….

* Break through the cycle of sabotage

* Get Unstuck from self-imposed limitations

* Align with your Passion

* Embrace a fulfilling, purposeful Life and Business

In this Master Class you will receive the following 15 Powerful Core Expansion Core and Crystalline Energies-

  1. Sabotage Transformation

Sabotage is a powerful energy that can stop and hinder people magnificently from living their true purpose and aligning with their divine power. Sabotage stems from ancient and present fears of elevating and coming into one’s power out of fear of judgment, attack or even destruction. This Core energy works deep within the Core Energies that created sabotage in your life. The energy works through all your times lines, through your ancestral lines transforming all oaths, vows, obligations and bonds, which may hold you to sabotage, freeing you so you become the beacon of creation and can easily and abundantly move forward in all aspects of your life to aligning with your life purpose, your love and relationships, health, abundance and expression.

  1. Core Trust –

Core Trust is such a beautiful energy to align with and embrace. Many of us carry trauma, hurt, pain and grief for having made wrong choices, decisions or believing in someone, or something that shook the foundations of our trust and often broke or fragmented those important foundations of us too. This beautiful core energy clears all the shock, trauma and also our addictions to doubt and suspicion and in their place moves us into the energy of Divine Trust, Confidence and Faith not only for others, but in making our own choices and decisions, which become a catalyst for transforming and creating fulfilling possibilities in our lives without hesitation.

  1. Core Creationary – 

This incredible Core Energy moves through the core of your being, releasing all reactionary energies including: sabotage, guilt, repression and energies of disempowerment raising your frequency and vibration supporting you to reclaim all aspects of your creationary energy, which is ever moving and evolving by actively expanding who you are and activates your Divine powers of creation.

  1. Rise and Shine, Core Energy –

I love all the Core Energies, but this is one of my favourites. This energy enhances your integrity, honour and gratitude for all that you are and activates memories you may have either buried or forgotten to keep you safe and small out of fear of persecution or judgment for truly Rising and Shining. We are each the essence of Stars, Stars don’t hide but rise and shine through the darkness bringing in light, magic, wonder and enhances your ability to infinitely rise and shine. This is an amazing Core Energy for manifesting Magnificently and Vividly as well as rising into your power fully and abundantly.

  1. Life Tribe –

Life Tribe is a powerful core energy that brings in and unites you with your life tribe of friends, clients, family and loved ones transforming all bonds of separation, betrayal and loss of connection those incredible beings in your life. This core energy is excellent for aligning you with Your Life Tribe and unites you will people who celebrate your Divine Gifts, be it in your career, business, friendships, relationships and more.

  1. Cross Road of Destiny –

When you find yourself at the cross roads of destiny and feel the busyness of your head and other voices discouraging you from moving forward, this wonderful Core Energy brings the voice in your head and the power of your heart into harmony so you can make the right decisions for you. This Core energy awakens your sovereignty and aligns you with your destiny of who you are and what you are called to share on this planet to enhance humanity at this time.

  1. Divine Flow –

We are each born in the essence of Divine Flow; this Core Energy realigns you with and awakens your unique Divine Flow so that you can move forward in your daily life, your life purpose energetically and physically. As Divine Flow integrates, all limiting oaths, vows, and programming you may have inherited through past lives, your DNA and from the collective that may have stopped you flowing in your unique divinity will fall away amplifying your Divine Flow in peace, harmony and joy. When you are in Divine Flow nothing can stand in your way of evolution.

  1. Sacred Play –

Sacred Play aligns you with the core energies of sacred play, connecting you to the playfulness and innocence of play as a child, enhancing your imagination and state of magic and curiosity, not only this this core energy works through the core of your inner child and the energy of freedom and bliss. When we are in the energy of sacred play, all that we experience is open to transformation. Even our daily tasks will be enhanced with the energy of fun and wonder. This Core Energy is wonderful for anyone of any age and restores to fun and joy back into our lives.

  1. Inspired Action –

This is an incredible Core Energy, if you find that procrastinate more than create this is the Core Energy for you! I am someone who in the past used to create lists upon lists of things to do, I ended up getting so caught up in creating the list, the inspiration behind each action was tainted by my sense of overwhelm of all I had to do. Since connecting with this beautiful energy I feel a new lease of energy when creating and auctioning important aspects of my life. This Core Energy will transform all energies of overwhelm, self reluctance and self limitation around creating fulfilling projects and inviting fulfilling company into our lives. Inspired Action does so much more, it has helped me immensely through my daily work and personal life to swim through my day on a gentle wave rather than a wild torrent.

  1. Embody the Grail –

For centuries, there were incredible quests to find, touch and even possess the Holy Grail. Did you know that the Holy Grail is already within you? This beautiful Core Energy awakens the knowledge you already have to heal and supports you in healing energetic wounds. When this Core Energy came through I was told it can enhance your focus and align you with your divine goals as you become the embodiment of your unique holy grail. I have found this Core Energy the most powerful in aligning our Conscious and Subconscious minds to work together in harmony and with focus on attaining our goals.

  1. Free To Be Me –

This beautiful Core Energy transforms eons of energies of limitations, fears, confusions, distortions and programming through all time lines from the point of creation to infinity and beyond that has held you back from being truly Free To Be Me. This is an incredible energy that reignites the knowing and the power of what it is to be Truly Free To Be Yourself.

  1. Chrysophrase Core Energy –

I love Chrysohprase, this Core Energy aligns you to the creation of optimism, joy, happiness, fun and freedom with discernment. It is especially powerful in enhancing one’s well being and aligns you with your divine self worth. I would run this energy when you are in the throes of creating, I have found it especially useful when writing, and it will awaken the inner artist within you.

  1. Diamond Core Energy –

The Diamond is a high frequency energy, which shines light through every aspect of life. The Diamond Core Energy activates your Crown and Etheric Chakras, activating your inner and outer chakras bringing greater balance and connection to your Divine Masters, Goddesses, Angelic Realms, the Akashic Records, and enhances our connection with Source.

  1. Labradorite Core Energy –

Brings in the energy of divine transformation and awakens your purpose in life, this beautiful energy is powerful and awakens your intuition empowering you to reclaim your true potential and enhances your confidence so you can embrace your inspiration and launch yourself forward in all aspects of your life.

15. I Am Enough –

Transforms the programming and limitations around being enough. Many of us have been told as children and even growing up that we are not enough. This beautiful Core Energies unhinges us from the energetic bonds, distortions and fears that have held us in the energy of not being enough so you can embrace the truth and the feeling that you are Divinely Enough in every way.






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