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Life Guidance Readings


I use specially designed Guidance Cards to carryout your unique reading, they are a wonderful tool to experience, sharing uplifting and super clear messages for you to gain clarity and insight.

A reading lasts approximately 45-50 mins and can be done on line or in person from Edinburgh, Scotland.


All Life Guidance Readings are done through Spirit using the medium of Psychic Guidance and a selection of Oracle Cards.

What is so special about a reading with me, is each reading includes unique healing work around one or more obstacles, which reveal themselves in each reading 

Together we clear any energetic blocks that may be standing in your way, or sabotaging you leaping forward in your life, business/career, relationships, health and finances. Each reading is done with the highest of integrity and comes from a very pure and divine place. Life Guidance Readings are perfect if you are looking for clarity in navigating your direction in your life and realigning with your Life Purpose and much more.

Remember that we are each, the creators and masters of our own destiny, a card and psychic reading offers wonderful guidance, the choices in life that you make are always up to you and only you.

Each Reading lasts between 45 – 60 minutes and can be done in person from Edinburgh, Scotland, or online via Zoom or Facetime.

When you make your purchase, I will connect with you via e-mail to schedule a booking time that works for you! I am so excited we will be working together.

Much Love and Light,