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Daring Rebirth with Core Expansion Master Class


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We are moving through one of the most transformational times in our lives. Extreme times are a great opportunity for deep reflection and accepting that which we must change in our life embrace transformation. Moving through Daring Rebirth can be scary and bring many challenges, as all that was once familiar to us in our old form is being stripped away to make way for our new selves.

Transform the Resistance, Shame and Fear of Your Daring Rebirth so you can:

  • Shift from fear and self-judgment into Love
  • Step into Your Divine Destiny
  • Embrace Harmony and Joy
  • Align with Your True Self
  • Embrace Your Daring Rebirth 

This period of change is so intense for many, it’s important to remind ourselves to pay attention to the signs around us and listen to our hearts. Within us, we already have our own inner compass, our heart, which will guide us more faithfully through any extreme phase of life if we listen.

When we resist connecting in with our heart during times of change, we can stand in our way of embracing a smoother Birth.

You already know how to awaken that connection, and restore the incredible truth of who you truly are. The purpose of this webinar is to support you in accessing your Divine Power and Connection to Your True Self so you can move through this time with love, joy, ease, celebration and vitality.

If you are reading this you are more than ready to embrace your Daring Rebirth and Truly Rise and Shine.

Aligning with the gift given to me by Source, Core Expansion is a revolutionary healing modality, which transforms eons of limiting energies, negative patterns, oaths, vows, obligations, curses, and bonds to sabotage, addiction, trauma, disempowerment, loss, poverty, dis-ease and disharmony gently fast and effectively. 

Core Expansion expands your core understanding, truth and perspective of who you are, raising your frequency, so you can….

  • Awaken Your Innate Gifts with Confidence and Freedom
  • Reclaim Your True Self Without Sabotage
  • Enhance Your Relationships with Yourself and Others

I have been called to share this powerful healing modality with the world to bring greater peace, love and harmony into all aspects of our lives. This is especially important at this time, as we, and our world expands and transforms in this phase of DARING REBIRTH.  

In this Master Class you will receive the following 16 Core Energies:                                                        

  1. Core Discernment 
  2. Core Love 
  3. Core Compassion 
  4. Core Peace 
  5. Core Forgiveness 
  6. Core Elements of Being 
  7. Harmony, Core Energy 
  8. Sabotage Transformation 
  9. Addiction Transformation 
  10. Core Connection 
  11. Shame Metamorphose 
  12. Daring Rebirth 
  13. Golden Compass
  14. Core Truth 
  15. Rise and Shine
  16. Divine Flow


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