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Core Expansion Practitioners Class February 2018


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Core Expansion Practitioners Class

February 3rd, 4th, 24th AND 25th 2018

Explore Core Expansion a Powerful New Healing Modality, which transforms eons of limiting energies, oaths, vows, obligations, contracts, curses, hex’s and bonds to sabotage, anger, fear, addiction, trauma, disempowerment, loss, poverty, dis-ease and resentments gently, fast and effectively.
So you can experience:

The Unique Power, Freedom and Momentum to Rise and Shine in all aspects of Your Life!

Core Expansion has helped me to:

  • Return to my wholeness, for the first time in my life I feel that I have returned back to the TRUE ME
  • Be consistently happy in my life, which is huge for me!
  • Embrace my own healing gifts, psychic abilities and  life without feeling the need to hide away, or behind anyone elses gifts
  • Heal on an incredibly deep level, fast, gently and effectively when I got sick – I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 30 years ago
  • Raise my manifesting abilities and live an incredibly joyful life, filled with unlimited love, happiness, abundance and success

In this Life Enhancing 4 Day Certification Class you will Receive the Powerful Core Energies so you can:

  • Align with your Divine Truth – giving you access to your innate GIFTS and POWER as a Healer and Return to the Master You Already Are 
  • Connect to the Elemental Energies of our Planet and Universe
  • Liberate the Wounded Healer in you toTruly Rise and Shine
  • Reclaim Your Birth Right of Abundance in Health, Love AND Prosperity

In this Incredible Class You will Learn to:

  • Work with the Core Energies effectively to resolve limiting Core Energies, Blocks, Oaths, Vows, Curses and more
  • Clear entities and waywards from yourself, clients, work space, home and business
  • Connect to the consciousness of abundance, health, freedom and success
  • Work with the Collective, yourself and your clients one to one in a safe and sacred space

This class is all about bringing you back home to the Core of You, Your Love, Your Forgiveness, Your Freedom, Your Power, and more….

I am so excited you will be joining me to Become an active creationary and Expand the magic in your life!

It was a long, winding road, but I finally embraced the truth and stepped into my destiny. As a healer, I shied away from the words and experiences of clients who stated, I was gifted with a powerful precise psychic sense and the ability to clear energy blocks.

The Healing Modalities I have learnt, experienced and I practiced on myself and others have moved me from complete despair and heartache to so many beautiful new beginnings and a whole new world of radiant happiness.

My purpose became clear when I heard that voice telling me “Finn, it’s time to share Core Expansion with the world”– I’m here to reach as many people as possible, to help you heal on a deep level, so you can live from a place of power, alignment and love.

I know deep down, that I am here to share this work, to support you to rise and shine into your unique and awesome power!

You will receive the attendance links within 48 hours of registering

AND all recordings will be made available to you once the class is complete!


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