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Blissful Transformation Replay



This is an interesting time for some of us.  Much of our deeply rooted and not- so- nice aspects of self are revealing themselves to us physically and emotionally.

We are releasing situations, people and unhealthy patterns in our lives and moving forward in what, at times, feels very uncomfortable. While it feels like things are falling apart, everything is actually coming together.

What is holds us back and keeps us from moving forward in bliss? Must all change be difficult?

Now is the time for us to relinquish those patterns and accept that change and transformation does not have to be dramatic or traumatic. Are you ready to transform with grace and ease? Are you ready to connect with and live in your bliss?  Join me as we clear and dis-create the blocks, patterns and fears that stifle transformation and the ability to flow with personal and universal energetic shifts.

In this replay you will receive the following 6 Sacred Activation’s:

1. Unconditional Love Reconnection – We will raise our vibrations to resonate more with unconditional love.   We will disconnect from the fear and suffering of transformation and connect with unconditional love.

2. Healers Power – this activation may release you from the  limitations of the commitments, sacrifices, oaths, vows and contracts that you may have as a healer. This activation will assist you  in remembering  that Source is in charge of all healing and allow you to serve as a powerful vessel fir healing.

3. Gaia – The Gaia activation the next level of the Mother Earth Activation, Gaia can connect you with the higher elements of fire, earth, water and air. This activation may benefit those of you who are working on world peace and have a passion for the earth we live on.

4. The Power of Transformation Activation – this activation came to me this morning while I was working on my own deep rooted resistance to transform in a gentle and discerning way. This activation can help you to cope with the immense transformations and changes we and our planet are undergoing at this particular point in time.

5. The Fear of My Own Power Deactivation – Are you afraid of your power? Do you feel you have to be controlled? Are you afraid of what you would do with your power if you had it? Do you feel you need bosses, governments, religious leaders tell you how to live your life? Do you need to be told what to do and how to do it? What would you do if you realized you were so powerful that you could create anything? Solve any problem, even work for world peace. Does that scare you? In this activation we will clear those fears and align you into your unique power, which is already there; you have just keep it hidden. Are you ready to connect to your unique power? If the answer is Yes, this activation may help to connect to your own incredible power.

6. Being Extraordinary Activation – Are you tired of trying to “fit in” or adhere to society’s definition of normal? This activation clears the need to fit in and the self-judgment around being different. This activation can enable you to embrace and fully embody your uniqueness and BE extraordinary!