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 Release thousands of energetic blocks, self-sabotaging beliefs and limitations to create remarkable success in your life, business and Relationships 

Deep down you know the truth…

You know you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to…

Beautiful, loving relationships,

A fulfilling, purposeful business,

Financial freedom

A joyful family life.

Radiant health and wellbeing.

It’s all within your reach. You have the power, and the passion to make it happen. You know this is your truth. You also know that knowing your truth is not the same as living your truth and this is where things start to get complicated.

This is where you start to get disappointed, and disillusioned.

This is where your heartbreak begins.

This is where you get stuck.

And no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break free…

You’ve read books, and tried healings and programs…

You’ve tried to achieve your goals and dreams with sheer willpower, self-control and self-discipline.You might even have reached out to others for help – a coach, a spiritual guide or a healer.

But no matter what you do, nothing seems to work. At least not for long. You keep getting stuck in the same behaviour patterns that cause you so much sorrow and so much pain…

Maybe you’re struggling with addictions to unhealthy foods, alcohol or drugs…

Maybe you procrastinate on important projects and plans again and again and again …

Maybe you have so much fear and anxiety locked within that you feel frozen. You feel like you have no power or control over your own life.

These are the patterns that hold you back from living your best life; from living your truth.

And you’re tired, exhausted, frustrated, and so afraid.

What if you never live your dreams? What if you never achieve your potential.

What if you get to the end of your days knowing you could have experienced more, lived a much bigger life, achieved your dreams and desires…

Become who you were truly meant to be.

Here’s something I’d like you to know right now. That’s not going to happen to you because you’re here and you’re reading this and it’s not a coincidence, an accident or luck. You’re reading this because you’re ready.

Ready for more love, joy, abundance and freedom.

Ready to reach further and rise higher.

Ready to release those blocks and limitations that have been holding you back all this time…

Ready to get unstuck?

Welcome to Get Unstuck From What’s Stopping Your Success

This specially designed program will releases blocks, and create deep inner shifts and transformations to change everything in your life and business so you can achieve joy, abundance, and success – anything and everything you desire – with ease and grace.

With Get Unstuck from What’s Stopping Your Success you will:

  •   Break free from conscious and unconscious limitations and beliefs such as self-sabotage, procrastination, trapped negative emotions, traumas, and addictions
  •   Discover your innate gifts and talents and learn to embrace them for your Highest Good and for the Highest Good of All
  •   Enhance and deepen all the important relationships in your life while honouring your own wants and needs
  •   You will learn to fall in love with yourself and your life! You will create healthy boundaries, learn to take care of yourself on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
  •   Develop authentic confidence in yourself and your ability to find the wisdom and knowledge to move forward in your life so you can finally live your dreams…and SO much more!

This powerful, soul-shifting program is centred around Sacred Activations and Core Expansion, which is my own, original healing modality…

These are 2 extraordinary modalities that bring through limitless healing powers.

About Sacred Activations

Sacred Activations is one of the most powerful healing technique on the planet and it will allow you to:

  •   Raise your vibrational frequency to extraordinarily high levels and clears limiting blocks from your energy system including emotions, habits and beliefs that do not serve you.
  •   Change your limiting habits and patterns quickly and align with your soul purpose to live the life that you were born to live.
  •   Enhance all aspects of your life including finances, health, personal power, psychic abilities, healing gifts and relationships and more

About Core Expansion

Core Expansion brings through Core Energies, which clear 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of limiting belief systems and energies that sabotage your evolution.

Core Expansion will allow you to:

  •   Expand your Core Creation so there is no longer space for limitations and blocks.
  •   Shift into Prosperity over Poverty. Health over Dis-Ease, Flow over Blocks, Confidence over Lack and Freedom over Enslavement.
  •   Experience clearing, healing and releases from the point of Creation to Infinity and beyond. This healing will work for you, your family and even your friends.
  •   Possibly experience spontaneous healing. I have been called to share this powerful healing modality with the world to bring in greater peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives as we expand with our daring rebirth.

I AM Ready to Get Unstuck, Access My Fullest Power, Potential and a Life of Limitless Abundance, Freedom and Joy!

Here’s what you can look forward to when you decide to Get Unstuck from What’s Stopping Your Success

The entire program takes place online and it is designed to allow you to enjoy deep, transformational yet gentle healing at your own pace and whenever you want to, in the comfort of your own home.

You will receive recorded video healing packages that include more than 52 Sacred Activations and Core Energies, in total.

These amazing healings will focus on the 6 important areas of your life…

Relationships, Finance, Business, Lack Mindset, and Self-Sabotage; Fears.

This Package is WORTH MORE than £1,000

1.Get Unstuck from Relationship Blocks

This healing package brings in the energies of Love and Nourishment  and releases what’s blocking you from loving yourself and from being in loving, soul-fulfilling and non-judgmental relationships with others. You will be deeply nourished and feel completely aligned with the most important person in your life…YOU!

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. What’s Stopping You Deactivation?
  2. Self-Sabotage Deactivation
  3. Self-Judgment Deactivation
  4. Brain in Balance Sacred Activation
  5. Sacred Boundaries Activation
  6. Giving and Receiving Activation
  7. Self Confidence Activation
  8. I am Worthy Activation
  9. Yin and Yang Activation
  10. Sacred Heart Activation
  11. Sacred Love Activation
  12. Soul Mate Activation
  13. Inner Child Activation
  14. Sacred Relationship Activation
  15. Forgiveness Core Energy
  16. Self Value Core Energy

2. Get Unstuck from Financial Blocks

This healing package brings in the energies of magnetic Opportunities and Abundance.You will start to create greater wealth and prosperity in your life than you ever have before.

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. Are you stuck De-activation?
  2. Fear of Lack and Fear of the Future Deactivation
  3. Disconnection from Poverty Consciousness Activation
  4. Your Sacred Power Activation
  5. Leap Forward with Grace and Ease Activation
  6. Soul Planetary Alignment Activation
  7. Gaia Activation and many more

3. Get Unstuck From Business Blocks

This healing package brings in the energies of Evolution and Fulfilment. You will enhance your focus, re-energise your approach to your business and align with greater abundanceand peace in your life.

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. What’s Stopping You Deactivation?
  2. Healers Who Suffer Deactivation
  3. Overwhelm Deactivation
  4. Doubt Deactivation
  5. Fight or Flight Deactivation
  6. Resentment Deactivation
  7. Sabotage Deactivation
  8. Unmasked Activation
  9. Mirror Mirror Core Energy
  10. Your Sacred Power Activation
  11. Divine Timing Core Energy
  12. Soul Mate Activation (inviting in your soul mate family of customers, collaborators et al)
  13. Leap Forward with Grace and Ease Activation
  14. Connect To the Vortex of Creation Activation and more

4. Get Unstuck from Lack and Scarcity

This healing package brings in the energies of Abundance and Expansion and it affects all areas of your life. You will start to experience more love, self-worth, confidence, power, joy, happiness, health and so much more

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. Disconnect from the Fear of Lack, Fear of the Future and Scarcity
  2. Disconnection from Poverty Consciousness
  3. Playing it Small Deactivation
  4. Self Confidence Activation
  5. Sacred Power Activation
  6. Embrace Transformation with Ease and Grace Core Energy
5. Get Unstuck from Self-Sabotage and Creating Blocks

This healing package brings in the energies of Freedom and Limitlessness. You will start to release self-sabotage, lack of belief in yourself, your power and your abilities as you embrace your role as the Divine Creator of your life!

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. Sacred Love Activation
  2. Sacred Truth Activation
  3. Divine Beingness Core Energy
  4. I Am a Master Piece Core Energy
  5. I Am Enough Core Energy
  6. Celebration Sacred Activation
  7. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Sacred Activation
  8. Myth Creation Deactivation
  9. Divine Freedom Core Energy
  10. Sacred Ecosystem Core Energy

6. Get Unstuck from Your Fears

This healing package brings in the energies of Embracing Unlimitedness and Core Expansion. You will free yourself from learning painful lessons again and again because of the fears that keep us stuck in the same behaviors and habits.

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

  1. What’s Stopping You Deactivation
  2. The Sky is the Limit Deactivation
  3. Self-Sabotage Deactivation
  4. Self-Forgiveness Activation
  5. Family Caste System Deactivation
  6. Addictions Redirection Activation
  7. I Am Activation
  8. Sacred Trust Activation
  9. Divine Freedom Core Energy

Special Bonus Healing Value £50

When you decide to dive into this one-of-a-kind healing program, you’ll also receive a very special bonus healing – Letting Go of Grief – absolutely FREE!

Letting Go of Grief and Activating Harmony

This healing package brings in the energies of  Sacred Activations and  Core Expansion. This beautiful, gentle healing package will allow you to gradually release deep feelings of sadness, loss and sorrow and move into a space of sacred calm and deep peace.

Sacred Activations and Core Energies in this package include:

1. Learning Through Suffering De-Activation

2. Emotional Pain Body Release Activation

3. Heaven and Earth Activation

4. Blissful Transformation Activation

5. Balance and Harmony Activation

6. The Essence of Being Core Energy

These soul-shifting, life-changing healing packages are yours to keep forever…and this means you get to deepen your healing by listening to these recordings again and again and again!

It doesn’t matter what how big the vision or how small the goal…

When you experience the powerful healings in Get Unstuck From What’s Stopping Your Success, you will  find yourself moving towards your dreams with ease and with so much joy and confidence.

You’ll finally release all of the fear, self-doubt, beliefs, habits and behavior patterns of behaviour that stopped you from getting where you want to go all this time…

This work is so powerful and so transformational that you’ll feel like you’ve suddenly acquired magical superpowers

And I’m here to tell you that in a way…you have!

To be more precise, you have gifts and capabilities that you’ve had all along and this work will help you access and maximizes all of your unique powers to create a life, business and relationships that you love.

Transformations that allow you to build your dream life as you release all of your limiting beliefs, fears, emotions and self-sabotaging patterns and habits…what would that be worth to you?

Get Unstuck from What’s Stopping Your Success is valued at well over £1,000 but you can access ALL of these life-changing healings that you can listen to again and again…for an incredible early bird price of just £157

This offer is valid if you get this one-of-a-kind life-changing healing experience on or before 8th December 2017

I’m Ready to Get Unstuck, Access My Fullest Power, Potential and a Life of Limitless Abundance, Freedom and Joy!

Love Notes From Happy Clients

“Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful work that you do…”

“I’m so glad I purchased your Get Unstuck program. Unstuck from financial blocks is my favourite!  I think it’s your masterpiece! I love the activations that you have channelled. I deeply value your work and I wish you success. You are a very powerful healer.” V.C

“She gets results…”

“Ring Finn – she gets results – I could say more, but really this all you need to know – trust me!” JJ. Edinburgh