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The past year was a great year of lessons learnt for all of us. Now we are all in the midst of de-cluttering and cleansing which is awesome, I welcome you all to continue to do this and allow space to create (more) joy and fun in your daily life.

During the recent holidays, I became very aware that many of us have forgotten those moments of joy we will have experienced as a child. Even if it was a glimpse, or a momentary connection with joy, it was soon forgotten simply because it was often short lived. So, if you have been feeling lost and disconnected from joy, it may be that your inner child has been wounded by all the hurt, pain and loss you have experienced no matter how small or great!

Are you ready to embrace your inner child and elevate your energy?
If your answer is Yes, let’s leap forward and let that heavy old energy go!

Alternatively, there are some beautiful Sacred Activation and Core Expansion recordings available on my website help you get unstuck too.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Much love and light,