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Core Expansion 

Embrace Your Daring Rebirth Replay 

We are moving through one of the most transformational times in our lives. Extreme times are a great opportunity for deep reflection and accepting that which we must change in our life embrace transformation. Moving through Daring Rebirth can be scary and bring many challenges, as all that was once familiar to us in our old form is being stripped away to make way for our new selves.

Transform the Resistance, Shame and Fear of Your Daring Rebirth so you can:

  • Shift from fear and self-judgment into Love
  • Step into Your Divine Destiny
  • Embrace Harmony and Joy
  • Align with Your True Self
  • Embrace Your Daring Rebirth 

We are moving through one of the most transformational times in our lives. Extreme times are a great opportunity for deep reflection and accepting that which we must change in our life to embrace transformation. Moving through Daring Rebirth can be scary and bring many challenges, as all that was once familiar to us in our old form is being stripped away to make way for our new selves.

This period of change is so intense for many, it’s important to remind ourselves to pay attention to the signs around us and listen to our hearts. Within us, we already have our own inner compass, our heart, which will guide us more faithfully through any extreme phase of life if we listen.

When we resist connecting in with our heart during times of change, we can stand in our way of embracing a smoother Birth.

Our Daring Rebirth is already happening, and it’s Non Negotiable gentle or NOT as our old selves break away and Our True Selves are free to align with us.

This unfamiliar passage can be scary when you think of what is falling away, it feels uncomfortable like you are moving across an once familiar summit with little visibility. All that you knew is no longer, but trusting in your heart as you ascend, you know deep down you can do this, you have trained hard and have so much experience, there is no way you are giving up now. This is cause for celebration!

When you align with the energy of celebration, it completely transforms the experience of your current evolution. This is essentially the birth of a new life – what do we do when a new child is born? We Celebrate. As a new parent, I know the feelings of anticipation, as our lives will never be the same, yet our lives will be more whole and filled with the joy, abundance and love a Divine New Life brings.

Aligning with the gift given to me by Source, Core Expansion a revolutionary healing modality, has helped me and many clients to transform eons of limiting energies, negative patterns, obligations, curses and bonds to sabotage, addiction, trauma, disempowerment, loss, poverty, dis-ease and disharmony gently fast and effectively. 

If you are reading this you too are more than ready to embrace your Daring Rebirth to Truly Rise and Shine.

Core Expansion declutters your conscious and subconscious space, expanding your core understanding, truth and perspective of who you truly are and raises your frequency, so you can…….

  • Awaken Your Innate Gifts with Confidence and Freedom
  • Reclaim Your True Self Without Sabotage
  • Enhance Your Relationships with Yourself and Others

I have been called to share this powerful healing modality with the world to bring greater peace, love and harmony into all aspects of our lives. This is especially important at this time, as we, and our world expands and transforms in this phase of DARING REBIRTH.  

This is WHY I don’t want you to miss out on this Special opportunity to work with me!

This event will feature the following 16 Core Energies:

  1. Core Discernment –

I love Core Discernment, this is the very first Core Energy that came to me when I was gifted this incredible healing modality to share with the world. Discernment is such an important and core energy to be in alignment with. It equals acumen, common sense, wisdom, wit, perception, understanding, awareness and powers of reasoning amongst other wonderful virtues and qualities. If we are not aligned with the truth, understanding and perspective of discernment, then we cannot differentiate between the negative and positive energies, which we can unknowingly invite into ourselves, and our lives. The lack of discernment can create distortions and confusions in our daily lives and sabotage our present, and future too. This incredible Core Energy aligns you with your Divine Discernment, giving you greater clarity, focus and empowers you to make the right choices in your life for you.

  1. Core Compassion –

This beautiful Core Energy is the impressive energy of Wild Compassion; transforming age-old resentment, fears of rejection, rage and jealously. This gorgeous energy fills you with wild compassion for yourself and others. And, has had profound transformations for those who have been prone to road rage, addiction and judgment of others. It is essential for anyone beginning their healing journey.


  1. Core Forgiveness –

There has been scientific research to convey the power of forgiveness, (John Hopkins Medicine) which highlights the incredible benefits of forgiveness on our health and in our daily lives. When we forgive our lives transform for the better, this beautiful Core Energy aligns us with the coding and truth of forgiveness so we have a great understanding of what forgiveness is and how to nourish forgiveness in all aspects of lives. If we each forgave each other there would be no war, conflict and disharmony would soon leave us.

  1. Harmony –

If we are out of harmony in one or more aspects of our lives, we can often disconnect from our life purpose and indeed our centre. Harmony is an essential component of our life, which brings in fluidity, flow, music, celebration, joy and alignment. This core energy restores the harmony of you, by energetically re-aligning those aspects of you or areas in your life where you may feel scattered, physical, energetically and emotionally. Harmony brings us back to our Centre and inspires us to both create and sustain harmony in our every day life. This Core Energy is especially helpful for harmonising hormones, relationships, emotions, finances, friendships, our sacred boundaries and more.

  1. Addiction Transformation –

This Core Energy can assist in the transformation of addictive energies such as; feelings, emotions, patterns, lessons and substance. The Core Energy moves through the energetic voids within us through all timelines of our existence and through our ancestral lines transforming the energy so the those energetic void are no longer connected to us or present in our life. This is a very powerful Core Energy and I have found it incredibly beneficial in my own and my client’s lives.

  1. Shame Metamorphose –

Shame is a profound and intense energy that can be carried by us through our family lines, community, society, culture, identity and the collective. Shame has many layers and can impact greatly on our lives; generating guilt, blame and the repression of our True Authentic Selves. This Core Energy transforms the shame, based energies we are holding on to out of obligation, fear of judgment and isolation. As the energies transmute our divine true selves and the authentic expression of our True Authentic Selves, come into complete alignment, so we can truly be who we truly are, feeling whole, confident and free.

  1. Golden Compass –

If we are not present we cannot connect with our Golden Compass. I love this core energy it helps us to navigate through intense times, as well as gentle times too. We each have our own inner compass but over time, and due to influences in our lives, communities and society our compass can become energetically out of alignment with our true purpose and being’ness. The Golden Compass aligns us with our soul purpose, enhances our intuition and is a wonderful energy to run when it comes to making choices, especially when moving forward, creating new projects and mediating with loved ones. I use the Golden Compass when I am undergoing new projects and I have found it is especially helpful for guiding me to successfully enhance my finances, health and relationships.


  1. Rise and Shine –

I love all the Core Energies, but this is one of my favourites. This energy enhances our integrity, honour and gratitude for all that we are and activates memories we had either buried or forgotten to keep us safe and small out of fear of persecution or judgement for truly Rising and Shining. We are each the essence of Stars, Stars don’t hide but rise and shine through the darkness bringing in light, magic, wonder and enhance opportunities in our lives. This is an amazing Core Energy for manifesting Magnificently and Vividly as well as rising into your power fully and abundantly.

  1. Core Love –

 Love is the essence of each of us, we are created from love and we are each creators and enhancers of love. When we connect, express and communicate from the essence of love, t so much in our lives reflects and is enhanced by that very love. The Core Energy of Love and the coding’s within this energy are so key to our evolution and healing, it is the essential energy, which heals all the brokenness of ourselves, for example if your heart has been broken, or you are not attracting your divine soul mate, or not loving yourself enough, or indeed if you are not in alignment with your divine purpose in life the Core Energy of Love will begin to work, healing you and fill those aspects that have been broken, or damaged within you with the healing energy of golden light. In Japan there is a beautiful technique called Kintsugi where the cracks in pottery are filled and restored with gold. This is a very beautiful and powerful technique. This Core Energy is one of the most valuable gifts you can experience and share with others. It heals all oaths, vows, contracts and more that is stopping you from leaping into the energy of love and sustaining love in your life. This is also wonderful for enhancing your own love relationships and you may find that friendships that are no longer in alignment with your vibration of love will move out of your way.

  1. Core Peace –

The Core Energy of Peace is so fulfilling and works through all the aspects of our emotional and physical body planting seeds of peace into those aspects, which were not aligned with the energy of peace into greater wholeness. This Core Energy is excellent for bringing peace into all forms of communication and expression. For example if you have to deal with a challenging situation the energy of peace will run through all aspects of the situation, all oaths, vows and more that have been between you bringing in the light of peace to empower you to stand in your power and be assertive without being caught up in the energy of the situation.

  1. Core Elements of Being –

The Elements of Being realign us with the Core Elements of Being’ness: Air, Fire, Water and Earth if we are not fully in alignment with these energies we can often we feel ungrounded and not connected to the earth, our family, communities and much more. When you receive this Core Energy you will feel more whole and deeply connected to the elements of being which are essential for our existence. I only realized today that this Core Energy also aligns us with the energies of music, writing, success, abundance, and much more – there are no limits with this magnificent Core Energy.

  1. Sabotage Transformation

Sabotage is a powerful energy that can stop and hinder people magnificently from living their true purpose and aligning with their divine power. Sabotage stems from ancient and present fears of elevating and coming into one’s power out of fear of judgment, attack or even destruction. This Core energy works deep within the Core Energies, which created sabotage in your life. The energy works through all your times lines, through your ancestral lines transforming all oaths, vows, obligations and bonds which hold you in the energies of all forms of sabotage, freeing you so you become the beacon of creation and can easily and abundantly move forward in all aspects of your life from Love and Relationships, Health, Abundance and Communication.

  1. Core Connection –

There are times, when we can become caught up in the chaos, pain, lack, grief and sorrow of those close to us and of the collective. So much so that we take on those very energies to bring in a sense of relief and understand the nature of the life and the world we exist in so we can truly understand our human and earthly family. This Core Energy helps us to transform, resolve a any oaths, vows and indeed obligations we may have made to take on the chaos, pain, lack, grief and sorrows of the world. Core Connection brings us home to our Divine Core, so that we can connect to the energy of abundance, joy, love, harmony, vitality, intelligence, freedom and creation so that we can flourish and thrive in all areas of our life.

  1. Daring Rebirth –

Daring Rebirth this is so powerful and incredibly useful at this time of intense change in our lives and on our planet. This Core Energy supports you in embracing a new life – a life that may feel unfamiliar as all that we once knew is coming away. When we move through the Night of the Soul this is essentially what is happening, we are moving through a death of the old us, the old me and coming into the new and magnificent phase of your new and true self. This beautiful Core Energy has helped me, and my clients so much during times of challenge, to tap into the courage and embrace all the treasures, which embody to Rebirthed You in freedom, truth, celebration, beauty, radiance, joy and ease.

14. Core Truth – 
Core Truth is so key to connecting us to our own divine truth, many of us including me, have hidden away from our own truth! This core energy aligns you with your truth, clearing old shock, trauma, and fears and disconnects you from the energy of betrayal and the deceits of others including your own. This core energy supports you in seeing the truth, in all that is currently happening in our world and restores your power to speak and share your truth with freedom and momentum.

  1. Divine Flow, Core Energy –

We are each born in the essence of Divine Flow, this Core Energy realigns you with and awakens your unique Divine Flow so that you can move forward in your daily life, your life purpose energetically and physically. As Divine Flow integrates all oaths, vows, programming you may have inherited through past lives, your DNA and from the collective that may have hindered or blocked your Divine Flow will fall away amplifying your Divine Flow in peace, harmony and joy.