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 Become a Certified Core Expansion Practitioner in February 2018!

This class will be held on line, giving you the freedom to join us from anywhere in the world and in person too.


Explore Core Expansion a Powerful New Healing Modality, which transforms eons of limiting energies, negative patterns, oaths, vows, and bonds to sabotage, addiction, trauma AND disempowerment, gently, fast and effectively from the Core of You.
So you can experience:

The Unique Power, Freedom and Momentum of YOU to Rise and Shine in all aspects of Your Life!

Core Expansion Has Helped Me To:

  • Return to my wholeness, for the first time in my life I feel that I have returned home to the TRUE ME
  • Be consistently happy in my life, which is huge for me!
  • Embrace my own healing gifts, psychic abilities and life without feeling the need to hide away, or behind anyone else’s gifts
  • Heal on an incredibly deep level, fast, gently and effectively when I got sick – I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 30 years ago
  • Raise my manifesting abilities and live an incredibly joyful life, filled with unlimited love, happiness, abundance and success

In this Life Enhancing 4 Day Certification Class you will…

Receive the Sacred Light Codes and Core Energies so you can:

💫 Run 80 + Powerful Core and Galactic Crystalline Energies, empowering you to work with clients 1:1 and work confidently with groups

💫 Open Your OWN Galactic Records to access your archived gifts and treasures and return this sacred space anytime 

💫 Connect with the Elemental Energies of our Planet AND the Universe to move through the concurrent transformations on our planet with ease

💫 Liberate the Wounded Healer in you to Trust in the Powerful Being that you already are

💫 Enhance Your Confidence and Freedom to Truly Rise and Shine in your Business AND Personal Life 

Taking this class know that your life will never be the same again!!

Are you ready to realise the innate freedom of transforming eons of hidden wounds and sabotaging energies, so you can TRULY ALIGN with your UNIQUE Gifts with confidence AND AWAKEN YOUR DIVINE POTENTIONAL to live a more joyful, enriching and abundant life?

In this Incredible Class You will Learn to:

Work with the Core of Creation to transform Core Limitations such as; Dis-ease, Imbalance AND Sabotage

Clear Low Vibrational Energies from Yourself, Clients, Animals, Work Space, Home and Business

Connect to the Consciousness’ of Abundance, Health, Freedom and Success to Recreate Your Life

Run the Powerful Core Energies for Groups, Clients, Yourself and Our Planet, Safely and with Integrity

This class is all about bringing you back home to the Core of You, Your Love, Your Forgiveness, Your Freedom, Your Power, and more

I am so excited you will be joining me in Becoming an Active Creationary and Expand the magic in your life!


During DECEMBERS FULL MOON, I attended a Magical Sacred Sound Healing where I was taken into my Own Galactic Records to access my own archive of gifts and treasures. I was guided to teach you this technique in THIS CLASS. I am Sooo Excited…..

🐝 I am thrilled to offer the very Juicy PAY IN FULL Offer of £699 to everyone who signs up for February’s Core Expansion Practitioners Class on, or before Saturday 20th January 2018

What’s even more awesome is you will receive a 1:1 60 Minute Life Transformational Session with me, PLUS 4 of the following Master Classes with between 11 and 16 Core Energies to listen to at your leisure.

This is worth £1,131 Saving you £432!!!

The Coe Expansion Master Classes are –

🦄 Daring Rebirth

🦄 Step Up and Show Up

🦄 Wounded Healer Liberation

 🦄 Unleash Your Manifesting Power

How Core Expansion came into Being –

It was a long, winding road, but I finally embraced the truth and stepped into my destiny. As a healer, I shied away from the words and experiences of clients who stated, I was gifted with a powerful precise psychic sense and the ability to clear energy blocks.

The Healing Modalities I have learnt, experienced and practiced on myself and others have moved me from complete despair and heartache to so many beautiful new beginnings and a whole new world of radiant happiness.

My work with Sacred Activations created the deep shifts, that empowered me to become a channel for this Brand New Powerful and Transformation Healing Modality Core Expansion – thank you Tamra Oviatt.

My purpose became clear when I heard that voice telling me “Finn, it’s time to share Core Expansion with the world”– I’m here to reach as many people as possible, to help you heal on a deep level, so you can live from a place of power, alignment and love.

I know deep down, that I am here to share this work, to support you to rise and shine into your unique and awesome power!

This class is open to active creationaries, a spiritual entrepreneurs, you don’t have to have experience as a healer but come with an open heart ready to expand your potential and heal on a deep deep level.

Imagine your life, if you transformed ancient blocks and limitations that have been standing in your way of the Joyful and Fulfilling Life and Business that is your birth right.

This is your time to embrace your divine gifts with confidence, so you can align with your innate freedom to expand exponentially as a powerful healer, up level your business and connect with your soul tribe.

Are you ready to rise to the occassion? Yes, this class is for you!!!

When you join this class you will be invited to our Core Expansion Life Tribe Facebook Group for additional support and sharing.


The Story behind Core Expansion –

As a child I was innately connected with the elements, I was fascinated by the crystalline energies on our planet and beyond.

I was drawn from an early age to crystals particularly citrine, which unknown to me at the time was actually my birth-stone. I had a profound knowing that we are each born with many gifts and each of us is born with the power to heal ourselves, and our planet. I am grateful to my grandmother, who was such a force of life, an incredible inspiration and influence in my life who reminded me of this knowing many times. I have been a qualified healer since 2012; prior to that I was attuned with Reiki Level 1 and 2 in 1991. I am so grateful to Reiki for realigning me with my path as a healer. As a child my grandmother introduced me to the art of healing, along the way I got distracted and never imagined for one moment that I could earn a living as a healer, supporting myself, my family and humanity, to thrive and evolve with this incredible work.

It wasn’t until 2010, when I realized my life was not wholly fulfilling. I was a single parent with a beautiful daughter, working long days and travelling to provide her with the life I wished to share with her. But, I was missing out on her childhood and all those magical moments, I was the only parent to never take her to school in the morning, never met her at home time and was usually the last parent to collect her from child care. It was nuts, I didn’t want this life for my daughter who so needed me in every possible way at the time. I decided then and there to change the course of my life to a more full-filling one with my daughter included and open myself up to meeting my divine soul mate, which would in turn enhance all our lives. I had some lieu time from work and was introduced to Theta Healing, which was the catalyst for my own personal healing journey and setting up my own healing practice. I was back on track with enough time to spend with my daughter, family, friends and grow a business. The seeds were already sown!

In 2012, I connected with the incredible Tamra Oviatt, and experienced the life transforming Sacred Activations for the first time. This is when I truly began to clear my gunk. Then in 2015, I became a Teacher of Sacred Activations, which opened up so many magical and brilliant opportunities in my life. Through Sacred Activations I began to fully align with my own gifts and clear enough of my gunk to gain the confidence, freedom and power to step up and show up with the incredible healing modality Core Expansion. As a child I heard that   “You are born to heal” but I ignored this voice until recently I heard loud and clear “It is Time to Share Core Expansion Finn! – this voice continued to tell me that I was born with this gift but I had hidden away from Core Expansion for many years, and I wasn’t ready until now to share this GIFT with the world.  I am so grateful for my years of training with incredible healers, clearing ancient limitations, healing my own yuck and being inspired by my Awesome Clients to finally connect with the Brilliantly Effective and Powerful Core Expansion, which empowers You to Connect with UNIQUE GIFTS and LEAP FORWARD IN YOUR WHOLENESS AND CREATE THE LIFE THAT IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT – This is how Core Expansion came into being after many years I am inviting you to Experience and Learn a Revolutionary, Healing Modality which is helping people to unhinge from Core Blocks and Sabotage AND Return once again to their wholeness.

Core Expansion Practitioner Testimonials 

“Hello everyone! I wanted to share something with you that I’m extremely excited about!! For many years, actually since childhood, I had problems with connecting with people. Not on superficial level but on the deeper, soul level. It has become more apparent to me when I left my job in January this year and started my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve done a lot of inner work around this issue but still felt “stuck” on the same level. Then I watched Finn talking about Core Expansion training in Elysia’s group. Straight away I knew it was something I had to do! Last couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and how much I’ve changed and what hit me that recently I’ve become a lot more open to people. I feel like this invisible barrier/protective cloak I’ve been wearing for most of my life has magically disappeared!!!I can’t even express how grateful I am right now!!! Thank you Finn for your amazing gift of Core Expansion energies as they helped me remove tons of limiting believes that were holding me back from shining my light! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 💖💖💖” Bogusia Bielanska.

“I feel really grateful to become a practitioner of Finn’s own modality Core Expansion. It’s a truly amazing modality that gives you so
much transformations and healing as a client, and even more possibilities as a practitioner. I do others modalities too but Core
Expansion for sure gives me the most freedom and confidence to practice. I simply love it. Not just because these Core energies are so
powerful and fun to work with, but also because they can be run on living beings and objects too. I so love to bless my food and my space with these shiny energies to bring more love and light into my everydaylife. Moreover, I’ve known Finn for some time to know that she’s a beautiful person inside out and an amazing intuitive who I cannot recommend enough. So if you’re thinking to give Core Expansion a try just go for it because you won’t regret, I promise.” Alex Stingl.



Love Notes From Happy Clients

“Finn’s work is incredibly powerful to say the least! You will be changed for the better forever! Don’t wait – work with Finn – she can clear anything that is holding you back in life! xx” Mary-Jane Allen

“I had a Core Expansion session with Finn yesterday and so loved working with this gifted and caring soul. I had so many realisations and clearings through the course of our session.
Finn is a powerfully intuitive healer. I felt light and full of insight after. The internal movement of old attachments and beliefs shifting and being cleared. A lot came up and have a strong knowing that this will have an impact on my creativity, actions and decision making in the weeks ahead.
Thank you Finn, so grateful to you and celebrate you for creating this amazing path to heal. It will benefit many people.” Fiona Morris, Edinburgh