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WINTER SOLSTICE SPECIAL – Grand Master Healing Call Replay

Winter Solstice invites us to celebrate the Birth of our Powerful Sun and New Beginnings.

2017’s Winter Solstice wass VERY UNIQUE as we hada  stellium of planets lining up with the Galactic Centre, connecting to the Source of the Milky Way and bringing through the light for 2018, which is a universal 11 year.

It wass especially powerful as the Sun conjuncted Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn, illuminating the Lord of Karma as he entered his own sign. Venus, planet of Divine Love, is in the last degrees of Sagittarius conjuncting the Galactic Centre. Immense loving power can be drawn from this alignment, as we go deep, deeper into divine knowledge of ourselves and core universal truths of our existence.

Heralded as the Return of the Light, the sacred Solstice reignites the light once again after a profound period of darkness. In essence we are being reborn in the spirit and celebration of the sun. We are being called to cross over the bridge into the light of union with ourselves and humanity….

During the Decembers Full Moon I attended an incredible Sacred Sound Journey. I was completely surprised when I was guided into my own Galactic Records by a beautiful Light Being; she supported me in accessing my archived gifts and treasures. She invited me to share this experience with you all in this magical event. It is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

I WAS especially thrilled as the incredible Katy Keel, Astrologer, Healer and Teacher joined us on this call to share her magic with us.

What’s even more fantastic, is this Replay is ONLY £33!!!

If this feels good to you click on the link below to experience Crossing Over the Bridge Into the Light with ease and excitement as we move through 2018. 

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During this special call you will experience the following 5 Powerful Core Energies 

  1. Original Self
  2. Hidden Inside
  3. Divine Flow
  4. Bridge Into the Light
  5. Divine Freedom

And you will be guided into your Galactic Records where you will access your archive of gifts and treasures.

Katy will share the astrological significance of 2017’s Winter Solstice and lead a guided meditation to help you access the light within, and bring it forth as a sacred flame with which to manifest your heart’s desires. She will take you through a powerful manifesting exercise for this magical year of 2018.