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About Finn

Hi there! I’m Finn Goddard. I am a Life Transformational Coach, Healer and Teacher!

My mission is to help you bring your super powers to life and action your goals with the freedom and confidence to:

  • Disconnect from stress and trauma to achieve balance and harmony in your life
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Enhance your health and well being
  • Realise your personal and financial goals to lead a happier and fulfilling life and much more……

A Little Bit of History….

I’ve been humbled by the fails and inspired by the successes. I’ve laughed from my belly and cried from my soul. I’ve been paralysed by fear and soared from courage….

I have always had a calling to support and enable people to connect to their truest self. At 17 I took Reiki training and spent many years healing myself, family, fellow students, colleagues and many more. Having traveled much of the world whilst working for NGO’s & UN Agencies  I have had a unique and powerful opportunity to share (and receive) wonderful healing, clarity and caring with diverse cultures and peoples.

Becoming a mother I took the chance to concentrate my training on Sacred Activations building my business as I went.  As I practised more and more, my own hybrid of all my experience, training and soul purpose has become clearer and developed into a powerful and effective healing modality Core Expansion.

What Can I Do For You?

You are here not by chance (I believe) but because divine timing has brought us together. You may be in pain, or need clarity or want to find your real soul purpose or have an in-explicit need to connect to Source and your bliss. Possibly it’s a mixture of all of these things. My soul’s purpose is to help you heal, transform and gain clarity on your life. I believe in you and want you connect to your true self… Let’s connect deeper and seek to resolve all the dis-ease in your life.

“Finn’s work is incredibly powerful to say the least! You will be changed for the better forever! Don’t wait – work with Finn – she can clear anything that is holding you back in life! “ Mary-Jane Allen, Canada

“I instantly felt comfortable with Finn and have found her to be an extremely supportive and sensitive practitioner. She was able to gently guide me to the heart of several issues, giving me a safe space to release old and negative energies. Finn is a true professional, but beyond that she is a non-judgmental, genuinely caring person who I am delighted has been part and will continue to be part of my healing journey.”

“Would so highly recommend this wonderful opportunity to receive this profound gift & to receive a recording to reflect on afterwards. 
I had a Core Expansion session with Finn yesterday and so loved working with this gifted and caring soul. I had so many realisations and clearings through the course of our session.
Finn is a powerfully intuitive healer. I felt light and full of insight after. The internal movement of old attachments and beliefs shifting and being cleared. A lot came up and have a strong knowing that this will have an impact on my creativity, actions and decision making in the weeks ahead. 
Thank you Finn, so grateful to you and celebrate you for creating this amazing path to heal. It will benefit many people.” Fiona Morris, Edinburgh

“I whole-heartedly recommend having a one to one session with Finn. She is so compassionate, yet gets to the heart of the problem with laser like precision. It is as if you are having spiritual surgery with as much anesthetic as you need, but as much awareness as is beneficial also. It feels like this is the easy way to have profound healing and transformation. If you want change in your life, and you want it now and you want it quick and you want support – ring Finn Goddard. She will give you this and more.” J.J, Edinburgh